Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. The journey to parenthood is definitely one best done with support. 

As a Fertility and Natal Therapist, I support parents through the full journey or just simply where you are right now.

My main area of interest is in fertility.
With 1 in 6 couples facing difficulties conceiving, that’s over a huge 3.5million in the UK alone. It may be reassuring to know that you are not alone, yet it can feel like the loneliest and most painful journey.

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Pregnant. So what now?
You’ve got that much wanted positive result… so what now? Nine months seems such a long time whilst you are living it. 

Anxieties and concerns can creep in, symptoms can rear their ugly heads. Some of the questions and fears I often hear are “What can I eat?,” “Am I allowed to do this or that?” “I’m scared I’ll lose my baby.” “I’m frightened of the birth.” “What if I’m not good enough.” “How do I stop being sick!” “It’s not safe because So-and-so told me this story.” "Am I allowed to do...?"
This is your birth, and with informed choices and non-judgemental support, you can make the decisions that suit you, and plan for all eventualities in a way that feels right.
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Beyond: So your baby is here, and maybe everything is going well, and you have earned yourself some time out, some relaxation to help you recoup and heal. 

If you have found me after a traumatic birth and you need help moving forward, we can do this with minimum pain, flashback, repeated trauma.

Learning self-hypnosis or visualisation is very useful for relaxing and letting go when breastfeeding, allowing the let down reflex to happen with ease. Any difficulties, such as latching problems, tongue tie, supply issues are easier to get through with the right support. I can help guide you in the right directions for you.

Letting go of the Past:
In a world where a disturbing number of ladies have experienced abuse or rape, the medical world of pregnancy and birth can feel very violating. Please don’t suffer in silence. I have found EFT one of the most powerful tools to help get passed these feelings and associations. Please contact me for gentle and discrete help.